Once upon a time, there was a tyranical king who thought he could rewrite history. And so he did, by having every record in the world collected and destroyed so he could set down his his own version. As so often happens with tyrants, his ambitions were ambitions were far greater then his abilities. Specifically, his ability to avoid being assassinated by those next in line for the throne.

The king’s successor also tried to see his plan through to its completion, but there were events in motion that they could not predict. In this case it was a portal that opened in the capital city that disgorged an army of fey. And even the fey couldn’t predict that the plane they were exiting on was actually a dimensional nexus, and their brute force entry caused leaks let all sorts of beings to appear on this world.

The result was a lot of things happened in this world, with not a lot of people actually writing them down. Things that were once clear became shrouded in a haze on uncertain memories. The world was now known as the Forgetful Realms.

Lost Chronicles of the Forgetful Realms

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