A Somewhat Brief History of the Realm

Once upon a time when there were only humans in the world, there was a tyrant, Belobog the Mighty, who controlled most of it. Not satisfied that the controlled all that happened in the world as he ruled, he wanted to control all that had already happened in the world. Because he court wizards told him that actually controlling the the past was impossible, he decided to do the next thing.

So during the festivities of the wizard execution ceremony, Belobog the Mighty issued an edict banning all current historical texts history. His plan was to rewrite by destroying every current historical record and creating a new tyrant-approved version.

Unfortunately for Belobog the Mighty, his ambitions were far greater then his abilities. Specifically, his ability to avoid being stabbed 52 times in his sleep by assassins sent by those next in line for the throne. Once they had whittled their own numbers down to a much more manageable size, they also tried to see the plan of Belobog the Mighty (or Belobog the Cruel as he was being referred to at this point) through to its completion in their own image.

Unfortunately for them, there were events in motion that even they could not predict. Specifically, the opening of a portal in the capital city of Riedegost which disgorged an army of the Fair Ones coming out. They were less interested in rewriting history, so much as simply eridcating the memory of it through conquest.

Fortunately for everyone other the Fair Ones, they were just about as good at predicting the future as their predecessors. What they didn’t count on was their entry into the world would would cause the seems of reality to bulge out for a brief out, in an event that would be known as The Great Fulmination. This brought form all sorts being to come and make their mark on this world’s history, whether they wanted to or not.

A Somewhat Brief History of the Realm

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